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Support the Most Vulnerable Families Affected By COVID-19 in St. Louis

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Support the Rise Rent Relief Fund Today

At Rise, we understand that everyone has been affected in various ways by the Coronavirus pandemic, and we want to wish everyone the best health and wellness possible under the circumstances.

Nationally, low-income and minority populations have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and we don’t need a map to tell us who COVID-19 hits the hardest in St. Louis. Overall, poverty-impacted communities are at a much higher risk of being diagnosed with COVID-19, having more detrimental health outcomes, and experiencing higher risks of death and long-lasting financial consequences. Low-income individuals take risks to keep their jobs. Social distancing is the main precautionary measure against contracting COVID-19 across the country, and St. Louis’ stay-at-home orders do not apply to low-wage essential workers.

Rise is the largest non-profit developer of affordable housing in our region. To date, Rise has worked to develop over 2,800 affordable homes and apartments in the St. Louis metropolitan area. While evictions are on hold, we know that if our tenants fall too behind on rent, it is unlikely that they will be able to catch up. Because of the pandemic’s effect on low-income communities and our commitment to building stronger, more equitable neighborhoods, Rise is rolling out its Rent Relief Fund. All of the income received from this campaign will go towards rent relief for all residents living in Rise developments.

High quality, clean, safe, and affordable housing is a basic need for all families. Like the rest of the country, our region was already experiencing an affordable housing crisis before the pandemic. Now, the need for quality affordable housing has become even more urgent. Rise is continuing to help support those who need it most. Please consider a contribution to lift our community’s most vulnerable people and their families.

Thank you!